Motherhood Minis

The most precious jewels you will ever have around your neck are the arms of your children.

Now is the season of spring… buds are appearing and soon the trees will have their leaves again!  I can’t wait to be outside taking pictures!  

This Spring & Summer I really want to focus on bringing the Moms into the images!  Too many times I see Mom putting so much time into preserving their babies in photos, but we need to put Mom into the memories!  You are their best friend and their source of comfort, of course, they want to take pictures with you!

These mini sessions will be very limited, only available in May ~ June ~ July.  

As a way to keep the price very low and easily affordable for all, I do have to put a few restrictions on them.  They will take place local to me and that does include some of my favorite outdoor spots in Manhattan, New Lenox, Frankfort & Elwood. They also will be taking place only on weekdays; Mornings or Afternoons.

You can also contact me for a custom quote if you require a session beyond this schedule.