Levi turns SEVEN

So, my baby turned SEVEN in January.  Where does the time go???

I had planned to do his pictures when the next snowfall covered the ground, then January & February happened and suddenly there was NO SNOW!!!!  I took advantage of a small dusting that took place mid-February and we went exploring.  Unfortunately, the sun and warm weather had already melted most of it, but at least it made for a nice adventure walk with my little man.

These are a little more “Artsy” than my usual style.  I played with my Lensbaby SPARK lens which gives big distortion in the images.  It’s fun to play with and I like the look of these.  It’s also manual focus, which I’m not just fine-tuned into, so I felt lucky to get what I got since my ‘subject’ was moving faster than I could focus… ha!