John Arthur

Johnny arrived with quite the show!  He heard the news that his cousin was about to make her arrival that day and he wanted to share the excitement. They ended up arriving only 90 minutes apart.  “Twin Cousins”.

I was able to meet Johnny at one week old. He was so sleepy for his session, he didn’t open his eyes once! He was welcomed home by big brother Will who I have see grow since he was only days old as well.  Mom and I talked about having boys and how it’s a new world for Will.  We had taken the same approach of welcoming new baby which was to not put any pressure on big brother unless they expressed interest.  While we were doing some pictures of the new family of 4, we asked Will if he wanted a turn holding Johnny and he was SO EXCITED!!! The picture you see below is the actual moment they bonded. They will be the best of friends!

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